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A Man’s Work is a weekly newsletter about men’s work and manhood. What is men’s work? In its most structured form, it’s men, sitting in a circle, telling the truth about themselves to each other. I co-lead the Brooklyn chapter of one of those groups - All Kings - which focuses on supporting formerly incarcerated men. 

I personally find this work the key to understanding what’s up with me and men more broadly. I’m tired of all the news articles about young men committing suicide, not finding jobs, or not graduating high school. I’m inspired by all the work being done in response - whether it’s men facing their demons in established men’s groups like All Kings or men helping each other in hundreds of online communities on matters like personal health, wealth, spiritual connection, or our sense of “manhood”.

It’s all a part of the conversation men are having about how to be the men they want to be. There’s a lot of beautiful insights being shared in those conversations, and this newsletter is a space to highlight those.

And while this newsletter is about men, this newsletter is for everyone. In my humble opinion, the more people involved in the conversation, the better.

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